Blinking by Fabio Liberti Milou Nuyens

Blinking by Fabio Liberti is a pieces that depicts an infinite series of everyday images, memories, people met, places visited or imagined that overlap in a random, confused order.
It is a piece that expresses the chaotic and frenetic rhythm of our lives, and the incomprehensible and overwhelming concept of time passing.
The 10-minute dance piece is accompanied by the recorded voices of four diverse women. Each one of them present their own interpretation of the images that the text exhibits.

Blinking by Fabio Liberti was awarded 3rd prize at the CICC-Copenhagen International Choreography Competition 2014.
The piece was created dancers from Danish Dance Theatre.

“If I have a name I do not remember it;
remember every place I have been;
do a list of things to buy; do one of things to learn;
unreal images and real things that happened too long ago to be remembered for real;
have memories of things that have been told, but then, who knows…”

DATE: March 2013
PERFORMERS: 4 female dancers;
Emily Nicolaou, Maxim Jo-Beck McGosh, Milou Nujens Arina Trostyanetskaya,
Part of the repertoire of Danish Dance Theater in 2014.
LENGTH: 10 min.
TEXT: original language text is English
IDEAL LOCATION: medium or big stage theater, black box theater.

3rd prize at the CICC-Copenhagen International
Choreography Competition 2014;
Critic prize at the Hannover International Choreography Competition 2014.

Blinking by Fabio Liberti Maxim Jo-Beck