Choreographic work

Current productions

What did I just do?

A creation with performer Maud Karlsson exploring the mechanisms of memory and identity

We are Present

A unique experience where the choreography is created instantly in collaboration with the audience

As if, I have missed myself

A performance by Fabio Liberti and Emanuele Rosa, that investigates out-of-the-body experiences and the fascinating dualism of mind and body.


The solo by Fabio Liberti with Jernej Bizjak; Solo for Real

Solo for Real

A man’s journey inside his own head; into that place where images, memories and voices overlap in an overwhelming chaos.

Running in the Hamster's wheel is a tragic-comic choreographic piece by Fabio Liberti

Running in the Hamster’s Wheel

A tragic comic dance piece inspired by our tragic comic political situation.

Exprience the choreographic piece Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti

Tre Uno

Tre Uno is a dance piece inspired by the stories of the Syrian population as well as the hostile attitude towards their situation all over Europe.

Here is not There by Fabio Liberti

Here is not There

Here is not there is inspired by childhood memories.

Let's Du-et is a duet by Fabio Liberti with Arina Trostyanetskaya

Let’s Du-et

A dance piece, which is both a love duet and a choreographic tutorial.

Carmina Burana by Fabio Liberti performed by Danish Dance Theatre

Carmina Burana

A dance piece, inspired by real facts and legends of medieval times.

Awardwinning pieces Blinking by Fabio Liberti performed by dancers from Danish Dance Theatre


An infinite series of everyday images, memories, people met and places visited or imagined.


A performance about our relationship with social media, and the different identities we create for ourselves with danser Arina Trostyanetskaya