Here is not There

Here is not There by Fabio Liberti

Here is not there is inspired by childhood memories.
These memories follow us throughout our lives. They can determine who we are, much more than we are aware of.
They seem very far from our present, reality while in actuality they are still influencing our daily lives.
Those events are no longer in existence, yet they still remain in the forms of memories.
Is our past really in the past?
Here is not there is almost entirely performed through live text, which is the result of shared memories coming from the dancer’s childhoods.

The performance was performed by Dark Circles Contemporary Dance and commisioned by Joshua L. Peugh.

DATE: January 2016
PERFORMERS: 5 dancers
Commissioned by Joshua L. Peugh for Dark Circles Contemporary Dance (Dallas, Texas)
LENGTH: 20 min.

TEXT: the original language text is in English which can be adapted to the performing country

IDEAL LOCATION: medium or big stage theater, black box theater.