Let’s Du-et

Photo: Costin Radu

The performance Let’s Du-et by Fabio Liberti and with Arina Trostyanetskaya is a dance piece, which is both a love duet and a choreographic tutorial.
Playing with ironic text, the piece provokes the audience to reflect on the role of the choreographer, as well as the art form of choreography. Although the choreographer is not on stage, he is extremely present.
The aim of Let’s Du-et is to captivate the audience in the love story of the duet so that eventually the choreographer gets forgotten, even though he is deciding everything about the love story to come.
Can the audience still enjoy a love story and not think about all of the technicalities, that will be stated so obviously throughout the piece?

Let’s Du-et by Fabio Liberti was awarded 1st prize at Warsa Zawirowania Dance in 2016.

DATE: August 2015
PERFORMERS: 2 dancers. Arina Trostyanetskaya, Fabio Liberti
LENGTH: 15 min.
TEXT: original language text is English which can be adapted to the performing country
MUSIC: Ezio Bosso
IDEAL LOCATION: Small or big stage theater, black box theater, installations.

1st prize at Warsaw Zawirowania Dance 2016 (PL); Invited at Živa Festival 2016 (Ljubljana, SI).

Work realized with the support of Institute 0.1 of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Photo by Costin Radu