Tre Uno

Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti

Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti is a dance piece inspired by the stories of the Syrian population as well as the hostile attitudes towards
the refugee’s situation in Europe.
Very few people refere to Syrian refugees as individual; men and women who had a house, a job and families.
They had their own dreams, none of which included coming to Europe under such grave circumstances.

Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti does not want to treat the subject from a political or economical point of view.
Instead it strives to extract the emotions of the personal stories and translate them into images, that anybody can relate to.
We can all feel the struggle of reaching each others “shore”; to see our dreams destroyed; to feel the natural and childish need of a home.

The piece was created during a residency in Torino, Italy – more info

created for the Choreographic residency, Torino, Italy
PERFORMERS: 3 dancers
Elita Cannata, Anna Jirmanova, Davide Valrosso
LENGTH: 23 min.

MUSIC: Chris Watson, Davide Bellotta, Sigur Ros
IDEAL LOCATION: Black box theater, anfiteatro.

Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti
Tre Uno by Fabio Liberti