We Are Present

We Are Present by Fabio Liberti Jernej Bizjak Arina Trostyanetskaya

“Creativity is not limited to people practicing one of the traditional forms of art, and even in the case of artists, creativity is not confined to the exercise of their art. Each human being has a creative potential.”
– Joseph Beuys

We are present by Fabio Liberti is at the same time a lecture and a performance that provides the audience unique experience where their role keeps on evolving.
The event lasts 90 minutes and brings the audience to experience the journey inside the creative process of a dance piece. It consists of an ‘instant choreography event’, during which a choreographer creates a short dance piece with two professional dancers. The audience will be asked to make decisions, that will influence the choreographer’s creativity, who will instantaneously have to react to the external stimuli and limitations, by trusting and developing his instincts, opposed to his rational side.
The event has a precise structure that will help the audience enter the event, feeling progressively involved, until the last phase, where they themeselves becomes performers.
The intention is to live in the moment and draw upon the spontaneous, unique creativity fuelled specifically by the energy of those present, at that exact moment in time.

We are present by Fabio Liberti is performend by Arina Trostyanetskaya, Jernej Bizjak and Fabio Liberti

PREMIERE DATE: 15 November 2019
PERFORMERS: 2 dancers + 1 choreographer
LENGTH: 90 min.

PERFORMERS: Arina Trostyanetskaya, Jernej Bizjak, Fabio Liberti

Photo: Maud Karlsson